UFO LED High Bay Lights: The Smart Choice for Commercial/Industrial Use

UFO LED High Bay Lights: The Smart Choice for Commercial/Industrial Use

How do you get three separate “ideas” to combine into one dependable, efficient product? In the case of UFO LED High Bay Lights, you’ll need to work with one of the leaders in an expanding industry, a field of work bringing consistent lighting and energy savings to customers around the world.

Take the phrase apart by looking at those three ideas separately. The design is called “UFO” because the fixtures have the appearance of what has traditionally been called “flying saucers.” This circular style incorporates the latest material technology and is shaped to fit with almost any commercial or industrial design. All of this is delivered with the most reliable, energy-efficient lighting you can purchase.

UFO Combines with LED

So, now you have some idea why “UFO” has been attached to these great UFO LED High Bay Lights. If you’re learning about and shopping for new home or business lighting, you probably have come across the second of the pieces to the puzzle – LED. These three letters represent “light emitting diode,” a technology finding use in more and more places, and for good reason.

The light-emitting diode glows in a way that’s different from the incandescent bulb, in which a thin, metal fiber is heated or other types of illumination in which gases produce light. With UFO LED High Bay Lights, a chemical element or compound (semiconductor) conducts electricity when electricity is supplied. But, the process is more efficient because it generally requires much less power to provide usable light.

In the process, very little of the energy is lost to heat, which is a serious issue with incandescent bulbs and with fluorescent bulbs (to a lesser degree). In fact, LED technology makes use of 70%, 80% or more of the energy to produce light. In addition, the bulbs in UFO LED High Bay Lights can last for years, with some delivering up to 100,000 hours of service life. These details make the newest LED fixtures an excellent investment for any property owner.

Lights for High Bay Areas

When you put these two “ideas” together and deliver the benefits to commercial and industrial spaces with high ceilings, you have what may be the perfect choice for lighting storage and work areas. Why are they the perfect choice? The long-life and reliability of UFO LED High Bay Lights solve the problem of having to access high-ceiling areas to replace burned out bulbs.

Think of the reduced maintenance costs!! Add this benefit to the money you’ll save on utility bills. LED fixtures can help you keep money for other purposes, funds you used to spend on heat from traditional bulbs.

Your search for the correct commercial/industrial lighting can end when you contact the lighting experts who offer UFO LED High Bay Lights at reasonable prices. Ask your supplier about fixtures that deliver 14,400 lumens while using only 120 watts of power. Use them in place of your former 400-watt bulbs and get excellent illumination on ceilings under 25 feet. By the way, you also get 100,000-hour rated lamp life and 10-year warranty!

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