The following are key aspects of a high bay to consider before you buy!


Ensure your new high bay is made with LED technology. LED’s last longer, do not require bulb changes every few years, and use a lot less power! All the High bays on use LED technology.

High Efficacy:

Any new lighting fixture should have a high efficacy. Efficacy is the number of lumens per watt, a higher number is better. Incandescent bulbs have an efficacy of 20 lumens per watt, but a high quality LED fixture will have an efficacy of between 140 and 160 lumens per watt. This means more light for less power. All of the high bays on have an efficacy of 140 lumens per watt or greater!

Light Levels:

Choosing the appropriate light for your application and space is important. See “How to choose a light”! is ready to help you choose the right light for your space.

Easy to Install:

Always make sure the fixture you purchase has dedicated mounting points. These are structurally strong locations that are rated to hold the fixture for its lifetime. All fixture come with easy to install mounting points.

Correct Color Temperature:

There are a lot of different color temperature options out there. When you purchase new high bays make sure you get the correct color temperature for the kind of work you are doing and how you want the space to feel. 3000K is a warm temperature that will make a space feel soft and more like home. 5000K is a cool white which improves worker efficiency and ensures you get work done. All of fixtures have the ability to customize the color temperature.