There are two things to know when switching from HID to LED lighting:

1. LED lighting is categorized by lumens. A lumen is the measurement of the amount of light emitted per second.

2. High-intensity discharge lighting, metal halide and high pressure sodium, is categorized by wattage.

The process to equate HID wattage to LED lumens is very technical. It takes into account light direction, lifetime and how the human eye perceives light. In order to simplify the relationship between HID and LED, Cheap High Bays created the chart below:

The following chart will help you choose an equivalent or better LED lighting replacement for your current, tired, HID lights.

HID Wattage LED Lumen Output
75 Watts 4,000+ Lumens
100 Watts 4,800+ Lumens
175 Watts 6,000+ Lumens
200 Watts 9,700+ Lumens
250 Watts 14,500+ Lumens
320 Watts 17,000+ Lumens
400 Watts 19,400+ Lumens
1,000 Watts 48,000+ Lumens states it very well. Check out what they have to say about switching from old HID/CFL to LEDs!