LED Canopy Lights and LED Wall Pack Lights – Where are they used?

LED Canopy Lights and LED Wall Pack Lights – Where are they used?

Commercial LED lighting solutions for warehouses, commercial buildings and gas stations, indoors or outdoors.


LED canopy lights and LED wall pack lights are similar to each other in that they are typically used outdoors and constructed to withstand even the harshest environments such as rain and snow. They must also be vandal resistant as they are frequently used for security lighting. By changing over your fluorescent, metal halide or high-pressure sodium canopy and wall pack lights over to commercial LED lighting, you can achieve a significant power saving. LED wall pack lights are just that – LED lights that are mounted on a wall. Here is where you will hear the term ‘full cutoff’. Full cutoff defines a type of light fixture where no light or glare is emitted above the horizontal plane. Over the past thirty years or so, people have become more and more aware of the overall conditions of our planet, and along with conservation, there has been increased awareness of visual conditions. We have begun to desire a natural, dark sky at night so we can enjoy the beauty of the stars and the heavens above.


This is an aerial view of Las Vegas Nevada at night, courtesy of NASA (thank you). As you drive toward Las Vegas, you can actually see a glow appearing on the horizon. Although the bright lights of an exciting vacation spot can be a thrill to some, to others, it’s pollution and something that needs to be controlled. When LED wall pack lights are used indoors in warehouses and factories, there is no need for full cutoff. You would want as much light as possible to project both upward and downward for safety and security purposes. In that case, you would use a standard LED wall pack without the glare control. LED canopy lights, on the other hand, are typically ceiling mounted.


You will see these commonly in parking garages and under the canopy of gas stations. Gas stations provide a bit of a challenge in that lighting used near gas pumps must be specially constructed so as not to cause any danger of spark igniting the gasoline fumes generated at the pumps. These will be a bit more expensive due to the extra healing that must be done but is readily available by special order. If you’re in the market for LED canopy lights or LED wall pack lights, don’t forget that we offer contractor pricing for LED lighting as well as appreciable volume discounts. Let us bid your next job. Any of our technical sales people can help you, but if it’s expert advice you are looking for, ask for Josh Perdue. He’s standing by waiting for your call.

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