A high bay is a light fixture that is designed to hang from a high ceiling and distribute light throughout an open space. If you walk into any gymnasium, warehouse, factory or aircraft hangar you will see a high bay! High bay fixtures are known to be bright, heavy duty and have a wide variety of styles. A high bay can even be used in trendy warehouses or market places for an industrial, architectural look.

High bays have always used the brightest light source available at the time. Back in the day, high bays used to contain a mercury vapor light source. Technology advanced and high bays upgraded to metal halide and high pressure sodium lighting. Today, the most advanced and brightest light source used in a high bay is LED!

High bays come in many different light outputs and physical shapes. The high bay used for a warehouse aisle is different than the high bay used for a gymnasium. Different light levels and distribution types are needed for different applications.

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