Lighting a large open space can be a challenge. You want to be sure the space is brightly and evenly lit while reducing cost. These types of large spaces can include:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Natatoriums
  • Athletic domes
  • Gymnasiums
  • Horseback riding arenas
  • Hockey rinks
  • Field houses
  • Atriums

Why change to LED lighting?

All of these facilities tend to have high ceilings and the need for bright light. Changing the facility’s lighting is no easy task, but changing to LED lighting is well worth it. The increased light levels and energy savings will far outweigh the task of updating the facility. LED lighting will reduce over 50% of energy usage, give higher light levels and significantly decrease lighting maintenance. LED lighting has the added benefit of instant on/off. There is no warm up time associated with LED lighting. The days of getting to the gym early to turn the lights on before practice or a game are over.

What is a high bay?

The lighting fixture typically used for these facilities are high bays. High bays are indoor lighting fixtures with the purpose and capability to illuminate large spaces from high mounting points. Cheap High Bays wants to point you to the right lighting replacement for your facility.

Cheap High Bays large facility light offerings:

Prismatic High Bay

This is one of the brightest and best high bay fixtures on the market today. It generates a lot of light while creating a minimal eye sore on the ceiling. It’s aesthetically pleasing prismatic form factor spreads the light evenly and blends in with any ceiling. It is ideal for high mounting points and even light distribution.
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Rectangular High Bay

The Rectangular High Bay is cost effective and durable. It comes with an optional wire guard to protect from flying balls or debris. It can also be painted any color. Yes, you can order the fixture in red and yellow for school spirit!
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Arena High Bay

The Arena High Bay is unique, it is strictly uplight. Meaning, it will illuminate the ceiling and only produce indirect light for a facility. This is especially great for gymnasiums and athletic domes when direct light is too harsh and high light levels are needed. This LED high bay also has a protected fixture to stand up to flying balls and debris.
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