LED lighting should be quick ship and a great price.
- Thomas Edison (from Ohio)

About Us

We aim to bring you affordable, quick ship and high quality LED lighting direct from the manufacturer. As the factory store for Noribachi, we have the capability to sell industrial lighting to everyone.

Gone are the days of getting "a guy" to spec out your new lighting project.

Let CheapHighBays advise your project and get you the best LED lights on the market. We are here to be your go-to lighting guide for warehouses, garages, architectural high bays and everything in between. Don't try to teach an old dog new tricks! Check us out! The new dog on the block!

Many customers ask about the name "Noribachi". What does it mean?

In several languages, Noor/Nur means light. And Dibachi is the last name of our co-founders. Combine "Noor" with "ibachi" and you come up with "Noribachi" (yes you guessed it, we left one of the "o"s out). A high tech company focused on lighting digitization, with manufacturing headquarterd in Los Angeles and R&D in the Silicon Valley. Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Don't be shy, contact us! We love speaking with our customers.

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